In this review we try the room Santa Muerte by E-Exit.
The room is estimated to take 60 minutes and difficulty is

After completing E-Exit’s other rooms, we set our to try their newest and hardest room – Santa Muerte. This was also the very first room we completed as a team. You are going on a journey through the Garden of Good and Evil, where the Lady of Bones will protect you. Your goal is to get the Sombrero of Life. Sounds confusing? Yes, we didn’t quite get the story of the room either …

When you enter this room, you immediately feel that it is different from other rooms. The puzzles are based on electronics and therefore without those pesky padlocks. So a good room if you are a little tired of those. This is also how E-Exit brands their newest room; as one with puzzles and ideas never seen before.

With the room being a new addition and almost just had opened when we visited, it was a little disappointing that some of the functions in the room didn’t work quite as it should. The staff apologised for this and promised to make up for this.

This is an escape room for you, if you want to try a room without padlocks and try out technology instead. But the story is confusing, so try it for the puzzles and decorations.

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