In this review we try the room Heaven & Hell by E-Exit.
The room is estimated to take 60 minutes and difficulty is

Next stop – Hell! Or Heaven. On your journey in this escape room you enter both places, and it was an awesome experience.

This was one of the first rooms we ever tried, and therefore we were a little scared at times. At least we were two to make the place less scary.  The story of the room goes like this: You want to know something about Heaven and Hell, and in order to achieve that you need to die. Fortunately, in these technological times you are able to hibernate yourself and come back to life in the end – if you do it on time …

The rooms are very thoughtfully decorated, especially Hell gives you a hellish feeling. Many of the puzzles make good use of the decorations and most of the rooms are used.

To this day, this room is still one of the best we’ve tried and we still have a very vivid memory of it. It is worth a visit when in Budapest.

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