In this review we try the room 1984 by E-Exit.
The room is estimated to take 60 minutes and difficulty is

My very first experience with escape rooms was this one – 1984. The story is based on George Orwell’s famous novel 1984, where Big Brother watches your every move. Your goal is to escape Big Brother and make it to freedom to build up a brand new life.

I remember fear of what was about to happen and with the theme being Big Brother watching us didn’t make it much better. So we also had to adjust to what we even were supposed to do, how a room worked and how the hell to escape in only an hour. We didn’t make it in an hour, but we only used five minutes more, and the staff were nice enough to give us that extra time and have the feeling of success. The puzzles in the room are very classic escape room with different types of padlocks among other types of puzzles.

There was a few things that went wrong though. It was only minor things, but it was enough for us to stop up and wonder why nothing happened and what should have happened. Afterwards, the crew listened to our complaints, examined the things and said, that we were right.

All in all the room is worth a try, and it also good for beginners to get the classic feeling of what escape rooms are all about.

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