We’re a group of escape room enthusiasts from Denmark who loves to travel around the world, to try as many rooms as possible.

In 2016 Marainne and Martin visited Budapest, just to have a get-away from the daily life. And one of the last days, while we were walking around the town, we saw a bus with an advertisement for escape rooms.
So they thought: “Meh, that sounds kinda fun! Let’s try it.” – and so it began, slowly.

A year later they asked Nikita and Klaus to join them for a trip to Budapest, and then it all took a turn! 12 rooms in 4 days – that must be some kind of record… We thought!
Since then our goal is to visit as many great rooms as possible – and we will continue until there is no more rooms left in the world.

Hell, even then we’ll find some other rooms to escape of… Living rooms, delivery rooms… YOU NAME IT!

The current team is:

We’ve tested various of different rooms – all from easy to intermediate, old aswell as new.
So if you’re in the need of some beta-testers for your room(s), just throw us a message and we’ll figure something out.